Treatment List – Working Safely During Covid-19

Remedial Sports Massage


£35 – Low Income


What is Remedial Sports Massage?

All massage treatments are one hour and may include a posture assessment, special tests for injury, consultation, massage and aftercare.  You do not have to do sports or have an injury to recieve a remedial sports massage treatment. Deep tissue massage, neuromuscular and stretching release techniques are available to help with injury recovery, prevention and wellbeing.


Relaxation & Stretch Massage


£35 – Low Income



What is Relaxing Massage?

All treatments are one hour and may include a consultation, posture assesssment. A relaxing massage may include a range of techniques including harmononics, palmer vibrations, rocking as well as stretching , fascial release and massage flow. There are no set routines each massage is different.





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