Hormones & Movement Practice

Photograph left showing an aerialist hanging from her apparatus, her gluteus maximus and thoracic torso inverted bandaged . Taken from performances Berörigheter/Belonging(s) – Produced and directed by Aedin Walsh
Photo: Evy Wurm. 

Photograph on the right: a pen drawing of the spine and pelvis, with a puddle of blood flowing to the bottom of the page. Creative expressions and impressions from conversations about female bodies and their cycles. 

Recent Continued Professional Development & Conversations.

Recent evidence based conversations about the menopause have inspired my curiosity and I have some questions. What can we do to maximise our training potential during the onset of peri- menopause and the menopause? What choices are available to us through hormone replacement therapy (HRT), nutrition and movement/ health support? Evidence based research strongly suggests that interval and resistance training along side with nutrition and rest are key players in accessing the energy and resources required to keep moving & training. How accessible are these training plans? What is your lived experience during a major hormonal shift/transition; in a world that rarely slows down to talk about our needs? Often access to nutrition, rest, access to healthcare and having control over our food and eating times is not always possible. I am interested to have more conversations about these topics. If you are reaching the peri-menopause, menopause or in the process of transition or HRT. Feel free to bring these things into your session consultation.